I am a junior at Purdue University studying Computer Science with a focus in Machine Learning. Talk geeky to me about anything technology, r/ProgrammerHumor, or cricket. One true admiration: Alan Turing.


Undergraduate Teching Assitant at Purdue University | Current

  • TA for CS 251 - Data Structures and Algorithms: I design projects and homeworks during the semester to teach students various DS and A.
  • TA for CS 182 - Foundation of Computer Science: I help run the labs and teach students discrete maths, basic algorithms and proof techiniques.
  • TA for CS 193 - Tools: I teach labs to help students learn how to use the terminal, git, vim and other core CS concepts.

Software Engineering Intern at USAA

As a Software Engineer and Integrator III at USSA, I was working on a health monitoring system for the Data Analytics Insights Platform. I had developed a proof of concept using Apache Flink and Apache Kafka to use compute metrics from beat agents and NiFi modules to stream data for processing for storage in Hive and Elasticsearch. I had also created routes to predict failures and outages using compute metrics of associated systems.

Software Developer Intern at National Science Foundation

At Purdue Univeristy Prof. Szpankowski is heading the reasearch group theory@cs.purdue specializing in Algorithms, and Complexity Theory. I was part of the team which was specializing in Graph Theory. I was working on a project which helped estimate what percentage of a hidden graph is revealed as we find the shortest path between two random nodes. I had written the program for that and helped improve the efficiency of an older program by reducing the run time by 40%.

Software Testing Intern at

At Appnique Inc. I was the tester. I was responsible for running tests, tracking the bugs, and making sure that they were assigned to the correct team to be fixed. For this purpose, I had used Assembla. I was also responsible for making sure that website was responsive across all the browsers. I automated testing using Selenium.


CryptoLeague (Co-Founder)

CryptoLeague is a platform which allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts to get together and practice their investment strategies. By giving users a platform to build virual cryptocurrency portfolios and having leagues to compete in, CryptoLeague encourages all ranges of crypto enthusiasts to come together and build a community.


GeoNotes is an application which allows the user to save notes at a particular location picked on a map. This serves as a friendly notepad that the user can use to save notes for any location they have visited.



Macropolois a Facebook bot that helps you shop smarter. Based on the users query, it scrapes Craigslist and gives the top 5 listings with their prices. It then texts the seller and even bargains on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. I worked on the SMS system to establish a contact between the two parties and contributed to the backend written in Node.js.


Formed at the intersection of different platforms, MailMax is a collection of powertools for your email, phone and cloud. It allows the user to access their Box Drives and add files, send information about upcoming MLH Hackathons and add high priority to emails by notifying the reciever via phone or SMS when an email is recieved. I solely worked on various features made using the MixMax and Twilio APIs. MailMax won The Best Use of MailMax API at MHacks V, official hackathon of University of Michigan.


SinLess makes you a better person by tying a financial penalty to your deeds. I worked on the Android app, getting the number of steps from a built-in pedometer and contributing to the interface. SinLess won The Top 10 hacks at BoilerMake IV, official hackathon of Purdue University.


Glass Half-Empty is a webapp which uses Machine Learning to detect if the glass is full and check the purity of the water. I contributed to the backend written in Node.JS and trained the Machine Learning model with API.


Spexy is a remote monitoring and task management system for PCs and servers. It allows users to remotely check CPU Usage, disk usage, RAM usage and control process remotely from the web app. The PC client app written in Python works on both Windows and Linux.


VGrep is an Android app which automatically generates notes from a video lecture. It uses Deepgram API to get audio transcripts and then uses Machine Learning algorithms to determine the important points in the lecture. The Android app allows users to jump to the important points in an intuitive UI.


CelebFinder is Chrome browser extension which spots and recognizes any celebrity on screen with Microsoft's facial recognition API and displays their information from WikiPedia. It won the prize for "Best Web App" at HelloWorld hackathon.


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